Barb Nelson, Madison County won the 2022 Distinguished Service to Agriculture/ FSA Award. 

Barb has served Madison County Nebraska for over 35 years!  Barb’s can-do attitude is contagious and she gets her team members excited to be at work, even with looming deadlines and heavy workloads. Producer’s love coming into the office to work with her. She has built a solid foundation of trust with each of them and has a vast knowledge of FSA programs past and present.  Barb is small in stature but mighty in personality and can make even the hardest person laugh, or at least crack a smile. Barb has been subject to many changes in her career at FSA, from staffing, to relocation of offices, created shared management operations, but through it all, the highs and the lows, Barb has never changed who she is or the service she provides to the farmers and ranchers in Madison County.

 Barb works hard, has a tremendous amount of dedication to the work she performs, and has the best attitude of anyone I’ve been able to work beside. Barb has also been a lifelong member of NASCOE for her entire career with FSA and has attended many meetings, rallies, and conventions. Barb has additional stories and scenarios too numerous to mention that demonstrate why she is truly deserving of the Distinguished service to Agriculture/FSA award.

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