How We Started

When the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression devastated family farms during the late 1920's and early 1930's, President Roosevelt's response was to pass the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 and form the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, the precursor to the Farm Service Agency.  The "Triple A's" purpose was to create a safety net for farmers and stabilize farm prices.  From the beginning, local farmers served on committees that guided program implementation and employees came from the rural areas they served.  Though our name has changed, our main priority had and always will be service to American agriculture and our producers.  


NASCOE was formed with the goal of supporting the American farmer and promoting and protecting the employees that served them.  Before NASCOE, county office employees had no leave, retirement, benefits, health or life insurance and significant pay differences when compared to GS counterparts.  Since 1962, NASCOE ha been granted exclusive recognition to represent all full-time county office employees in negotiations with management and the National office.  Basic employee benefits, both then and now, must be negotiated annually.  NASCOE gives employees this voice.

  • NASCOE requested that Maxi-flex work-time be implemented.
  • Before 1998, GS and CO were treated differently when it came to awards and performance ratings. NASCOE fought to achieve parallel benefits between CO and GS.
  • Accomplished reconsideration of all county office closures.
  • Negotiated changes in Travel Overtime and Travel Comp Time.
  • Negotiated that CO and GS employees be on a level playing field when competing for federal jobs.



In More Recent Years

In the 1990's & 2000's

  • Planning for an Aspiring Leader Program for PTs. It will identify PTs with leadership potential and provide a training program to hone leadership skills.
  • Pushing for equality and consistency in performance management for all CO employeess
  • Each year NASCOE must request that CO employees receive the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) that other federal employees receive.